For Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Finding the suitable career and business is very important, because we will spend decades of our lives doing it.  If not, usually after working for a few years you will begin to experience a decrease in motivation, unhappiness or even stress at work.

There are 2 (two) main steps you must take to find the suitable career and business, which are:


Group of business executives smiling at camera

We are uniquely created by God, and through life experiences, education, etc, we are shaped differently one and another.  That is why finding & understanding our uniqueness is the first step in finding the suitable career & business.

Using Career Direct (USA) methodology, we will find our 4 uniqueness in personalityinterests, abilities and values that are important to find the suitable career & business. First, you will take an online test, continued by a private consultation session with CoachRob. 


Using Business Model You methodology, first we will analyse our current work situation by creating the AS-IS Model and find “the pains” in our work situation that causes un-productive & un-happiness at work.

Next step, we going to design new strategies to solve all “the pains” by creating the TO-BE Model. The solutions can vary such as fix “the pains” without changing the current job/business, move to another company/business, or start a new business.

All of this, you can get it in our package for professionals & entrepreneurs. Please contact CoachRob at WA 0811.959798 for reservation.