Career Consultancy

Experiencing mistake in choosing college majors that lead to 12 years of work in the not suitable job, CoachRob’s burden is to help young people & adults to find their talents & choosing their college major & career that suits them.

Since 2011 until now, CoachRob has helped hundreds of young people & adults in workshops, online tests and private consultations all around Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore. 

CoachRob’s passion in learning & in self-assessments, lead him to create his own self-assessment (practical psychology) using cards selection methodology in 2011, named “Kartu Talenta”. Since then, CoachRob the method & the cards already several times updated & upgraded to fit the current work situation.

Now, CoachRob use this methodology in his signature career workshop “Discover You”. To know more about the workshop, you can click here

Kartu Talenta - Cards Selection Methodology
Kartu Talenta – Cards Selection Methodology

In 2014, CoachRob become a Certified Career Direct Consultant, one of the leading career assessment in the world. Since then, CoachRob already helping hundreds of high school students, professionals & entrepreneurs finding their uniqueness, the right education & the suitable careers. To know more about Career Direct, you can click here

In 2020, CoachRob took another step by becoming the first Indonesian Master Class-Certified Business Model You Practitioner (USA). With this, CoachRob can help professionals & entrepreneurs analyse their current work conditions, finding pains/problems, and design the revised business model for their careers & businesses. To know more about Business Model You, please click here.