High School Students

Having experienced mistake in choosing college majors, makes CoachRob‘s want to help high school students to find their self-features for choosing the right college major and suitable career.

Since 2011 until now, CoachRob has helped hundreds of high school students in workshops, online tests and private consultations in the form of:

1. Career Direct Online Test & Private Consultation (USA)

As a Certified Consultant in Indonesia (Career Direct has existed in 48 countries), since 2014 CoachRob has helped hundreds of high school students explore their personality, interests, skills & abilities and values ​​to find the right choices of college majors and suitable career.






Because of his expertise in Career Coaching using Career Direct methodology, since 2018 Coach Rob has been trusted to be Ina Liem’s Official Partner Consultant at Jurusanku, Indonesian leading career consultant.

2. Discover You Workshop

It’s CoachRob’s signature workshop for high school students collaboration with their parents, using  “Talent Cards” methodology invented by CoachRob as a result of years of reflection as a Career Coach.